925 silver star of David pendant with Amethyst gem


This unique silver Star of David  Pendant  is embedded with an high quality natural Amethyst  gem.

The Star of David is a hexagram (six-pointed star) formed by two overlapping even-sided triangles – one pointing up on top of one pointing down – to produce the shape of six small even-sided triangles placed along the sides of a hexagon.

According to Jewish tradition and other folklore, was painted or carved into the shields of King David’s warriors.

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925 sterling silver


29.5 mm (1.16 Inch) X 35.1 mm (1.38Inch)


7 gr


1 year full warranty

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925 silver 45cm chain, Free shipping, gift box

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A five-pointed (pentagram) version of this symbol is known as “Solomon’s seal”.

Some interpreters believe that the six-petalled Madonna Lily, which resembles the Star of David, is the lily mention in the Song of Solomon, hinting at the people of Israel (Song of Solomon 2:2). Some also believe the same Star-of-David-shaped lily adorned the Menorah in the Temple (Exodus 37).

Some saw the Star of David as a combination of the celestial element reaching for the earth (the down-pointing triangle) and the earthly element reaching for the sky (the upward-pointing triangle). Some philosophers have suggested the six-pointed Star of David represents heavenly rule over the four winds (North, South, East and West), as well as up and down.

According to Kabbalah mysticism, the Star of David intimates the seven lower Sefirot (enumerations). Each of the six small triangles represents one of six Sefirot, and the central hexagon represents the seventh – Malkuth (Kingship).

Jewish philosopher Franz Rosenzweig gave a unique interpretation to the form of the two overlapping triangles. He suggested the three points of the lower triangle represent the three focusses of philosophical thought in the world – God, man, world. The three points of the upper triangle represent the relationships between the first three, which are the three basic principles of Judaism, according to Rosenzweig – creation (the relationship between God and the world), revelation (between God and man) and redemption (between man and the world). Rosenzweig name the resulting form the “Star of Salvation”, which is also the title of his book.

Jewish publicist and lawyer NavonKatzav gave his own unique interpretation to the two-triangle combination. According to him, the three inter-connected points of the triangle represent the three foundations of the people of Israel: the God of Israel, the Torah (law) of Israel and the land of Israel. These foundations have been the link between the people of Israel for thousands of years.

Another tradition considers the Star of David to be King David’s signature, as the letter D in ancient Hebrew is the shape of a triangle (BetzalelDeitsch, “The Tale of Betzalel”, page 63).

Author S.B. Naftali wrote in his essay “The Scripture, The Lord and Israel are One”: “and the triple string shall not easily be broken”, meaning that the top of the triangle is the Lord, while the bottom angles are Israel and the scripture, so that the triangles overlap and the two are facing God, as is written: they “are one”.

Another interpretation is that the Star of David, resembles the “crown” of a pomegranate.