Jerusalem view – King David Tower Pendant

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This unique designed pendant was inspired by the  Jerusalem Famous David Tower.

Pendant is made of 925 Sterling silver frame, Authentic Jerusalem stone that was engraved to the image of King David’s Tower.

It is also Decorated with height quality Garnet gemstone.

With this Pendant you can literally keep Jerusalem close to your heart

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All of our Jerusalem Stone jewelry are handmade and inlaid with natural, hand-polished genuine Jerusalem Stone, therefor actual products may slightly differ from its photo.

Free 925 silver 45cm chain included with every pendant !

Free shipping and gift box are included !

Product Specifications


925 sterling silver, Authentic Jerusalem Stone, Garnet Gemstone

Silversmith's work



22.7 mm X 40.4 mm | 0.89 X 1.59 Inch


5.5 gr

Free Additions

925 silver 45cm chain, Free shipping, gift box


1 year full warranty

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The Tower of David (Hebrewמגדל דוד‎, Migdal DavidArabicبرج داود‎, Burj Daud), also known as the Jerusalem Citadel, is an ancient citadel located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to western edge of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The citadel that stands today dates to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. It was built on the site of a series of earlier ancient fortifications of the HasmoneanHerodian-eraByzantine and Early Muslim periods, after being destroyed repeatedly during the last decades of Crusader presence in the Holy Land by Ayyubid and Mamluk rulers.[1] It contains important archaeological finds dating back over 2,000 years including a quarry dated to the First Temple period, and is a popular venue for benefit events, craft shows, concerts, and sound-and-light performances.

Dan Bahat writes that the original three Hasmonean towers were altered by Herod, and that “The northeastern tower was replaced by a much larger, more massive tower, dubbed the “Tower of David” beginning in the 5th century C.E.”[2] The name “Tower of David” is due to Byzantine Christians who believed the site to be the palace of King David.[3] They borrowed the name “Tower of David” from the Song of Songs, attributed to Solomon, King David’s son, who wrote: “Thy neck is like the Tower of David built with turrets, whereon there hang a thousand shields, all the armor of the mighty men.” (Song of Songs, 4:4)